Steam Game Server Login Tokens Guide

CS:GO dedicated servers will soon require Steam Game Server Login Tokens (GSLTs). This is the existing system that TF2 uses for Favorites migration.

We will maintain this article over time with changes as it's assumed steam based game servers will eventually migrate over to this system. For now this article will focus mainly CS:GO as the implementation is forth coming very soon.

Steam now(soon to become live) requires all CS:GO game servers to be registered with a token linking back to a proper steam account.

This is being implemented by steam in stages-

  1. Stage 1: The GSLT creation utility goes live. (WON'T BE REQUIRED YET)

  2. Stage 2: An update to CS:GO's dedicated server will include the sv_setsteamaccount convar that allows you to log in with your GSLT. Anonymous login will happen automatically if no game server login token is specified. (WON'T BE REQUIRED YET)

  3. Stage 3 [NOW]: Anonymous logins will be disabled in CS:GO. (REQUIRED PHASE)--- At this point we expect all customers to be prepared and ready.

We tried to make this process as easy as possible for new & existing customers, including standalone, VDS and (Managed)dedicated clients all able to use the same method.

Account Requirements as set forth by Steam:

  • Your Steam account must not be currently community banned or locked.

  • Your Steam account must not be limited. - Please see this Steam Article.

  • Your Steam account must have a qualifying registered phone. - Please see this Steam Article.

  • Your Steam account must own the game for which you are creating a game server account.

  • Your Steam account may create 1000 game server accounts.

This process needs to be completed for each game service you have with us. Let's get started!

Step 1:

Head over to this link and log in:
*Tip, open this in your steam browser to avoid logging in again, an easy way is to send the link to a friend on steam and then clicking it. -Make sure you tell them your intentions first, that you're using them. :)

For CS:GO enter in the ID of 730 and if you wish a memo (memo's are only for your record keeping, useful for people with multiple servers). Then click Create, you will see a list of Login Token on the next page, including the one you just made, copy it.

Step 2:

Once you have your Login Token, head back over to the game server page of your game server in TCAdmin.

Step 3:

We added a button here that says “Set Steam Game Server Login Token”, click this and paste in the key generated, be sure that there's no spaces before or after the key or else the game server may have issues booting up. After clicking execute a black window will pop up confirming the key and the completion of this step.

You're Done! At this point your server will be restarted automatically and assigned to this key. Keep in mind if you ever need to change or update your key you can always come back here and set the key again.


Common questions:

I already have my game server hosted with End of Reality, why do I have to do this? Isn't this EOR's responsibility?

-With this change, each server must maintain it's own unique identity by being attached to a steam account via a token, EOR will continue to host your servers/provision new client servers with no changes in service quality. However we cannot be held responsible if a client chooses to break the EULA with steam/CS:GO. If we were to provide the tokens for all customers and just one customer broke the rules then all client servers would be taken down. The purpose of why steam implemented this is to make server owners responsible, not individual GSP's, essentially Steam is the police not us.

I have another Game Server Provider(GSP) not requiring me to do this, what gives, why are you guys doing it?

-If you have services with another GSP and they aren't implementing this then they are more than likely risking all of their client game servers being shut down at any time as they're more than likely using one master Steam account. From a logistical point of view, a GSP cannot create Steam accounts one at a time, buy and add the game needed to the account and then apply it for each and every one of their game servers. If you're being told that this is being done, you're being lied to. This is not the proper way to implement this system and needs to be taken seriously, with us you're in good hands.

If I move my game server do I need to regenerate a key?

-No, keys are universal. If you clone a server you will however need another key. As an extra note, this in fact uses the same system TF2 has had for a long time. Where players favorite servers based on the Token/ID and not the IP address, so when server owners move their game servers to a new location they don't lose a player base that has them favorited already.

If I have more than 1 server do I need multiple tokens?

-Yes, our understanding it that it's 1 token per game server instance.

My server won't start or I can't join my server, will reinstalling my server help?

-No, doing so will not resolve this issue at all, ensure you correctly followed our help article, if you still have an issue please submit a ticket.

My server uses custom workshop content like maps, is this token the same as my API key for that?

-No, our understanding is that this is entirely separate.

The background and reasoning:

With recent trends in games where custom content has become a corner stone (skins/models/hats!), several individuals and groups have circumvented gaining that custom content through the proper means, instead abuse to gain this custom has become a main stay. To bring attention to this and to bring a form of accountability for server owners, steam will now require CS:GO servers to be attached to a legitimate and more so accountable steam account. This in theory will force server owners to properly and fairly run their servers and stop them from running plugins and modifications that would otherwise give them access to things they shouldn't have, for fear of punishment by but not limited to a VAC ban if it's discovered they broke any rules.


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