Battlefield 3 Rcon Commands

Common BF3 Rcon Commands:


mapList.setNextMapIndex<index: integer>

Effect: Specifies which map to switch to once the current round completes. If there are rounds remaining on the current map, those rounds will be skipped.


Effect: Switches immediately to the next round, without going through the end-of-round sequence.


Effect: Restarts the current round, without going through the end-of-round sequence.


admin.say<message: string><players: player subset>

Effect: Send a chat message to players. The message must be less than 128 characters long. NOTE current it is only possible to send messages to all, teams or squads – not to individual players!

Manage players

admin.kickPlayer<soldier name: player name> [reason: string]

Effect: Kick player <soldier name> from server Comments: Reason text is optional. Default reason is “Kicked by administrator”.

admin.listPlayers<players: player subset>

Effect: Return list of all players on the server; including guids

admin.movePlayer<name: player name><teamId: Team ID><squadId: Squad ID><forceKill: boolean>

Effect: Move a player to another team and/or squad Comment: Only works if player is dead. This command will kill player if forceKill is true

admin.killPlayer<name: player name>

Effect: Kill a player without any stats effect


Request: login.plainText<password: string>

Effect: Attempt to login to game server with password <password> Comments: If you are connecting to the admin interface over the internet, then use login.hashed instead to avoid having evildoers sniff the admin password


Effect: Retrieves the salt, used in the hashed password login process Comments: This is step 1 in the 2-step hashed password process. When using this people cannot sniff your admin password.

login.hashed<passwordHash: HexString>

Effect: Sends a hashed password to the server, in an attempt to log in Comments: This is step 2 in the 2-step hashed password process. When using this people cannot sniff your admin password.


Effect: Logout from game server


Effect: Disconnect from server

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